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Monday, August 4, 2014

Tie-Dye ALL The Things: Part Deux


I’m fairly certain that this post doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Yesterday, we tie-dyed all the white stuff left in our home.

Today, we rinsed and washed it out.

Eventually, we modeled it, too.

IMG_5175   IMG_5183

IMG_5185   IMG_5187

My new tank top.

IMG_5211   IMG_5218

As it turns out, my sun hat is polyester…not cotton…so it didn’t take the dye well. I was bummed.


IMG_5238   IMG_5246

Shorts for me.


A onesie for her baby doll.

IMG_5279   IMG_5282

A dress for me and a shirt for Daddy.

IMG_5277   IMG_5296

A terry cloth swimsuit cover-up hoodie for Cinderella.

IMG_5297   IMG_5299

T-shirt for Cindy. She dyed it all by herself.

IMG_5276   IMG_5300

Another t-shirt for Cindy, and PJ shorts for MHG.

IMG_5304   IMG_5301

Her “Camping Is In Tents” t-shirt and her pink pants. She dyed them herself as well.

IMG_5302   IMG_5310

Her t-shirt and shorts.

IMG_5311   IMG_5313

IMG_5314   IMG_5315

IMG_5308   IMG_5309



IMG_5336   IMG_5338

And her jammies.


I totally love how everything (except my hat) turned out!

I LOVE tie-dye!!!

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tie-Dye ALL The Things!



After our buddy the Barbarian left, we were bored and decided that tie-dyeing would put an end to that. I changed into all black, the girls changed into crummy clothes and we immediately set to work…

It’s time to tie-dye!!!

We laid out all our garments and decide which pattern would suit them individually the best.

I ran out of rubber bands pretty quickly and resorted to using zip ties…which I think work better anyway.


There seriously was nothing white left in our home by the time we were through.


Although I was only provided with RED, YELLOW and BLUE…I used the mixer bottle to make ORANGE, GREEN and PURPLE as well.

I put those colors in mason jars. Next time I buy a kit though, I’ll officially have enough squeeze bottles to do the job and avoid jars.


All the whites soaked in the soda ash mixture for about 20 minutes.


I had set up all the ziplock bags and got them ready to stuff our newly dyed things inside.

I also fitted the girls and myself with some gloves…so we wouldn’t dye ourselves.



Cinderella looked pretty ridiculous wearing my sized gloves, lol!


She didn’t care though.

They had a blast dyeing all the things!!!


My tank top. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!


Monster High Girl even tie-dyed a shirt for Daddy…that he most likely will never wear…but maybe he’ll surprise us?


A bit of a ways into our craft, Cinderella spilled the orange dye all down the front of my pants and all over my feet…

I look like an Oompa Loompa now.


Once Cindy was done dyeing all her clothes, she commandeered my camera…and actually managed to get a few good shots!



Nic took over for the last shots of our dyeing fun. Tomorrow, we rinse and wash our new creations!!!


We tie dyed our picnic table too…on accident, lol.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of our tie-dyeing adventures!!! We will reveal and model our designs!


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